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Day 2
October 9, 2009, 3:51 pm
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Mostly a success.

I say mostly because I did eat all the food I was supposed to eat, just not exactly when I was supposed to eat it. The point of the diet is to eat four times (3 meals and a snack) with the same amount of calories balanced throughout the day. And, really, this is my greatest struggle so thus, my greatest goal and the greatest appeal to being on a ‘diet’.

I woke up late, ate breakfast even later (pushing noon) and ran errands. They took longer than I thought and I should have planned for it, but I didn’t. I was so hungry and exhausted when I came back. I felt ready to eat anything from the cupboards or even stop at a place along the way home to grab something to eat. I would have easily scarfed down a sub or pita or mostly anything. This is where I am most in danger and where my problem lies. I let myself get so hungry I make bad choices because I want food and I want it fast.

I ate my schedule meal when I got home and felt satisfied without feeling overly full. I then went to a birthday party which I thought would be a breeze to avoid pitfalls because I don’t like cake. Except, they had icecream cake which is not really cake at all, but good and delicious ice cream, which I love. They also had favors of candy in baby jars (it was really cute). BE PROUD of me because I avoided all of the cake, icecream and candy.  There was a moment where I was like.. oh, dude, it’s a kid’s birthday party, I should have a slice. People will wonder why I’m not! — But then I thought of how I would feel like I failed and noone really noticed anyway. It gave me moe time to wander around the party and talk to people.

So. Day 2. Success, mostly. I need to get better at timing, bu that’s the whole goal anyway. ❤


Day 1
October 7, 2009, 11:37 pm
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Today is  a good day. From the moment I woke up, I was content and happy. Although it’s still cold, gloomy and overcast, it seemed less of those things than it has in the past few days. I also had a plan to eat healthy, exercise and all that jazz. That was exciting.

On this diet, I am supposed to document how I feel about everything. Physically, I felt hungry. I woke up with my stomach growling and the stomach pains that accompany hunger. But what I noticed was, if I wasn’t on this diet, I would have simply ignored those feelings and probably gone all day without eating until I was so hungry I had to eat. Why do I do that? Because it’s a nuisance to eat? I don’t know. I used to purposefully ignore those feelings and I suppose it became habit. I like the feeling of being hungry, actually. I wasn’t mentally hungry at all.

But now, I’ve had my breakfast and my lunch and am so excited for my snack.  I still feel really hungry. Actually, I feel hungrier now than if I would have gone all day eating little to nothing.  Could my appetite and metabolism change so quickly in one day? Let’s hope!

So far, so good!

(Although I haven’t exercised today like I wanted.:/ )

21 Day Cycle
October 5, 2009, 8:58 pm
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Although I have never been very successful with a 21 day cycle, I am going to attempt one again.  I had tried a diet awhile back and rather liked it, but I stopped partway through (I don’t remember why) and I am going to try it again. I decided I need a much more structured diet because otherwise I end up like today. It’s 4:00pm and all I have eated today is a bowl of Cheerios and tea and I am fine.  Obviously, this is not a very healthy lifestyle. Eventually the lack of calories catches up on me and I’ll gorge myself on something quick w/ high-caloric content to ‘catchup’ on my lack of calories because I’m so hungry. My hunger builds up over time like that.
So, tomorrow I am going to do the Flat Belly Diet. Now, I hesitate to use the word ‘diet’ becuase while it is, it seems that we have  a stigma associated with the word ‘diet’ that screams starve-yourself and unhealthy fads. So, to quelm any fears you have, this is the definition of the Flat Belly Diet:

The basic Flat Belly Diet plan is a 1,600-calorie Mediterranean-style diet with an emphasis on wholesome, unrefined foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds, lean protein, and very little red meat (once a month).

So in otherwords,  it’s just a structured way of eating healthy, which is exactly what I need. Four meals of 400 calories spaced out evenly through the day. Besides, this is the food I like, so it should be all good. ❤